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There’s news on several fronts in this month’s post; following on from the Open Data Forum held on Wednesday we have several announcements to make. But first, have a look at the notes from the Forum itself.

Peter Wells - Open Addresses

Peter Wells – Open Addresses

This was a fascinating talk not just about the work that Open Addresses are trying to do, but the way we manage address information in the first place. So we learned that postcodes have a half life; that digital cholera is, apparently, a thing – and that ATMs have postcodes while villages halls do not.

Our next Open Data Forum will be held in Totnes on Wednesday 29th April, and we’re putting together an environmental theme – join our Meetup group or drop us an email if you want to know more.

On to the announcements …

Event – Beyond the Smart City

ODI Devon are pleased to announce their first major event, Beyond the Smart City – 3 days of exploring what big data, open data and the Internet of Things mean for communities outside the concentrated urban centres that have been getting so much of the focus. See the website for more information about the event, and note that we are looking for speakers and suggested topics – if you have any ideas we’d love to hear from you!

Open data challenges

NESTA and the Open Data Institute have announced a series of challenges around open data, inviting submissions for funding to develop products using open data to support different themes. The current theme is Jobs and our own Dave Kilroy is looking for partners to develop his idea (more information here). Take a look, or maybe you have an idea of your own? The deadline for submission is midday on 30th March, so there’s no time to lose … don’t forget you need to register on Collab Finder before you can upload a project.

Free workshops!

ODI Devon will be offering a series of free workshops in the next few months, covering the beginnings and basics of working with open data and finding out what use it has for you and your organisation. If that sounds like something you could use or you know someone who’d be interested, get in touch here to talk about your requirements.


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