Updates and interesting times

It has been a busy few months, and we at the Loom need to apologise for not blogging as regularly as we might … In our defence though, we have been involved in several very exciting projects.

The Open Data Forum last Wednesday was well attended again, and thank you to everyone who came to listen to our speakers and engage in the discussion. Planning is afoot for our next event in early December – we’ll keep you posted as we confirm the details.

On to the exciting new projects:

We’re now able to announce an Open Data Institute Node for Devon; ODI Devon will be a Communications Node initially, which means it will amplify and promote any good work on open data that’s going on locally as well as bringing news of national and global initiatives. The official press release will be out soon.

Oliver Buckley, Deputy Director of data.gov.uk, will be visiting Devon County Council on Monday December 1st, and as part of the itinerary we’d like to give him the chance to speak to Open Data Forum and Devon Data Loom members. If you’d be interested in this, drop us a line and we can work out the details.

On the same day we will be arranging an Open Data Workshop for council staff and partners, where we would like them to have the opportunity to hear from developers and data consumers about why we need to release more data sets and what benefits that would bring. If you’d like to be one of those speakers please get in touch and tell us what examples or ideas you’d like to tell them about.

On the collaborative front Devon will be working with Jamie Whyte from Trafford Innovation Lab on the next phase of the Indices of Sporting Needs project (do read Jamie’s blog post on the subject here). We’re particularly interested in seeing how a city initiative can translate to a rural and more dispersed population, and this is also going to be a big focus for ODI Devon’s work in the coming months.

If you’d like to know more about any of these updates, email us at devondataloom@gmail.com – we’d be delighted to hear from you!



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