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Flood data 2014

The Shoothill API provides data including a list of flood alerts and warnings, and where they are in force, in a form which is convenient for web developers.

River-level data which is updated up to every 15 minutes is available from The content of these files is defined in the Hydrometric data feed user manual. This is a demonstration feed that will be replaced by the Shoothill API soon.

The API and river-flow data is published under the Open Government Licence v2 and will be available in this form until May 2014.

Delivering alpha performance reporting dashboards

Department of Health’s (DH) Digital Strategy published a year ago, describes a digital first approach to all communications activity and evaluation and the need for regular, reliable and non-labour intensive performance reporting. there’s a good description of their project  to build a performance reporting dashboard, the process of commissioning and building the alpha version of the tool and what they learnt along the way.

Open data and government innovation

Open data will help reform public services, as well as improve accountability and generate economic growth. The Civil Service can reap the benefits if it learns quickly, says Paul Maltby, Director of Open Data and Government Innovation at the Cabinet Office.

Fear of failure

The Government’s “midata” scheme – designed to give consumers greater access to personal data held on them by businesses – has stalled because firms are wary of revealing they hold inaccurate or incomplete customer data, according to one expert.

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Data sharing in organisations - infographic


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