Make data make sense

It was pointed out to us last week that for people who want to make data make sense, we’re not making nearly enough noise about the problem and what we want to do about it. In fact we were told we should start a campaign for greater clarity in data.

Ok then. You may consider the campaign begun. But I’m not really a campaigner, I’m more of a nip-round-the-back-and-give-it-a-kicker. I’m not wholly certain how it’s supposed to go when you want a lot of serious and intelligent people to listen and build on your proposals.

On the Hub Launchpad Accelerator we’ve been encouraged to write a charter of sorts to say what our vision is and how we will act. My reaction to the words “mission statement” is roughly the same as when I hear “group hug”, but I’ll overcome that impulse for the moment to lay out what we’re thinking.

I posted last week about the tragic waste of effort in data analysis and presentation in local government. This is a very real problem, in that real people are facing unreal levels of stress. We say this can be resolved if we agree that there is a better way of presenting complex information, and a better way of managing that process. The technology exists, the design framework exists and the customers exist. There is a market for good, clear, simple data presentation for a particular layer of decision making in local government.

Here’s the charter:

  • We will make the data make sense.
  • We will place it where you need it to be.
  • We will be truthful about what the data says.
  • We will answer the question being asked.

That’s it.¬†Who’s with us?

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