Building it

We’ve heard a bit lately about the whole “if you build it they will come” fallacy, especially around open data. It isn’t enough to put a load of links in a web page and expect people to get on with it. The question is, why not?

There are all sorts of good reasons, and perhaps we think we know what they are, but there’s no substitute for actually asking the people who aren’t turning up. Ah, but … they’re not here. So we can’t ask them.

So, a question to the people who are here – what does this place need? We want to reach out to developers, analysts, truth seekers and armchair auditors everywhere and find out what needs to happen to bring them together. We aim to do this through this website, through talking to our clever and lovely friends in all the above groups, and finally by offering some social gatherings. We’re prepared to stretch to free cake if we think it will work.

We’re starting with Devon County Council’s Open Data Forum on the 27th of February, and if we get enough encouraging signals we’ll continue with more of the same.

So really we’re building it so when they do come, they have somewhere to come to.

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