Signpost to Minecraft Discovery Day

Discovering open data with Minecraft

If you’d told me I’d spend six hours at a weekend event dedicated to Minecraft … actually that would sound totally feasible, that’s pretty much exactly the sort of thing I’m likely to be found doing given half a chance. But this one was special because ODI Devon organised it in collaboration with 2.times do, […]

Rewiring Local Democracy

Here at ODI Devon there are some things we like a lot. We like data, obviously; we like openness; and we like useful things. So finding out what useful things we can do with open data to support democracy is probably just about our favourite thing ever. This is why we’ll be supporting NotWestminster on the 12th […]

Social enterprise beyond the smart city

It can be challenging to start or grow a social enterprise when you are cut off from some of the more obvious sorts of sources of funding, news, and community that you might get from growing an organisation in a densely populated area. Cities enjoy a number of advantages simply because there is easy access […]

ODI Devon takes the Open Data Challenge

This coming weekend we’re looking forward to joining teams from across Europe for two days of design and development in pursuit of an Open Data Challenge Prize. All three members of ODI Devon will be assembling in Manchester to refine our Rural Skills Matching app, which builds on existing open data sets to map the […]

What are ODI Nodes: Creating a global network

The ODI Nodes are an important part of our global network. The last year has seen significant growth: we have welcomed Rio, Devon, Queensland and Athens to the community; our first group of nodes have become ODI registered trainers; our community of nodes have collaborated with us to deliver global projects; and the network is […]

Hot off the press

There’s news on several fronts in this month’s post; following on from the Open Data Forum held on Wednesday we have several announcements to make. But first, have a look at the notes from the Forum itself. This was a fascinating talk not just about the work that Open Addresses are trying to do, but […]

Updates and interesting times

It has been a busy few months, and we at the Loom need to apologise for not blogging as regularly as we might … In our defence though, we have been involved in several very exciting projects. The Open Data Forum last Wednesday was well attended again, and thank you to everyone who came to […]

Pointless data

Today I’d like to talk about how nearly all of the commentators on the data scene at the moment are completely missing the point. Fighting talk, eh? I think it’s accurate through. There are huge circular discussions going on about whether something is big data or open data; whether it’s open data or personal data; […]

Reminder – Open Data Forum

Don’t forget our Open Data Forum event is this Thursday 27th February in Exeter (details on our events page . We’ve got a real mix of people signed up so far, and we hope to see as many as possible of you there to start the discussion about what we do next with Devon’s data.

This week’s links

A few recent articles and links we liked, to go with your morning coffee: Innovation in Government – Open Data blog from Living Data – Peterborough DNA project Any Town toolkit – from NHS England Increasing the evidence base – Alliance for Useful Evidence Data bloggers (a call to arms) – by Karen Lopez […]