Hot off the press

There’s news on several fronts in this month’s post; following on from the Open Data Forum held on Wednesday we have several announcements to make. But first, have a look at the notes from the Forum itself. This was a fascinating talk not just about the work that Open Addresses are trying to do, but […]

Updates and interesting times

It has been a busy few months, and we at the Loom need to apologise for not blogging as regularly as we might … In our defence though, we have been involved in several very exciting projects. The Open Data Forum last Wednesday was well attended again, and thank you to everyone who came to […]

The national picture

Several of us were lucky enough to attend the Local Government Association ‘Making Transparency Work For You’ roadshows over the last couple of weeks;  there’s a strong drive from central Government to motivate and support councils to get on with it, and these events were aimed at setting out what work is already being done. Rather than […]

Open Data Forum update

A big thank you to everyone who came along to the Open Data Forum this week; although we were only a small group, what with half term and other things popping up at the last minute, we had good representation of the different viewpoints we’re trying to bring together. Special mention and thanks to Exeter […]

This week’s links

Flood data 2014 The Shoothill API provides data including a list of flood alerts and warnings, and where they are in force, in a form which is convenient for web developers. River-level data which is updated up to every 15 minutes is available from The content of these files is defined in the Hydrometric data feed user […]

Pointless data

Today I’d like to talk about how nearly all of the commentators on the data scene at the moment are completely missing the point. Fighting talk, eh? I think it’s accurate through. There are huge circular discussions going on about whether something is big data or open data; whether it’s open data or personal data; […]

Make data make sense

It was pointed out to us last week that for people who want to make data make sense, we’re not making nearly enough noise about the problem and what we want to do about it. In fact we were told we should start a campaign for greater clarity in data. Ok then. You may consider […]

This week’s links

Something to read in the post-lunch slump. You’re welcome. How can geeks reach out to non geeks? – oldie but goodie from A Dragon’s Best Friend, and still relevant now. … and on a similar note … Wrestling data back from the hands of geeks – from the RSA. … and lastly this, because it made […]

Answering the right question

Turning data into intelligence is a complex, careful and skilled process that is often completely wasted. I mean totally, wholly unappreciated because we miss a step; we don’t sit down at the start and say “What do people need to do with this?”. And the recipient, the customer, looks at the results and says “This doesn’t […]

Reminder – Open Data Forum

Don’t forget our Open Data Forum event is this Thursday 27th February in Exeter (details on our events page . We’ve got a real mix of people signed up so far, and we hope to see as many as possible of you there to start the discussion about what we do next with Devon’s data.