ODI Devon is proud to be able to offer three ODI Registered trainers – Simon Gough, Lucy Knight and Jonathan Stoneman. You can read more about them on the ODI website.

Course Topics

We can offer the following training packages, consisting of either core open data knowledge or learning for specific sectors and interests. To make a training enquiry please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. You can also join the ODI Devon mailing list for updates on training and other Node activity.

Introduction to Open Data –  next date 28th October 2016

A half-day course for those new to the concepts and applications of open data. By the end of the course you will know where to find data, and what simple steps you could take to analyse it.

Exeter dates:

  • 28th October 2016

Open Data in a Day – now available

This course is mainly intended for people expecting to publish open data on the web. An interactive course, it covers licensing, hosting, and publishing, as well as looking at how Open Data is already being used by others.

Open Data in a Day for Government – now available

A version of Open Data in a Day tailored for the public sector; covering statutory requirements, and cultural and practical considerations.

Data visualisation – communicating with data – next course 9th December 2016

A look at the tools and concepts behind the best (and the worst) data display techniques.

  • 1 hour workshop: a look at how data can be displayed, what works and why.
  • Half-day training session: a more in-depth look at what works visually and what doesn’t; how data can be used to communicate important insights; and how to use simple tools to visualise real data yourself.

Exeter dates:

  • 9th December 2016

Design With Open Data – next course 13th October 2016

A full day course learning how to use human-centred design tools with open data to drive innovation and create better products and services.

Exeter dates:

  • 13th October 2016

Data Deep Dive – coming soon

Examining your data to get the most use out of it. For people who have already got to grips with refining, analysing and visualising data, perhaps by attending Finding Stories in Data, or Open Data in a Day. You will work all day, in teams, either on data produced by your organisation, or on data which is of interest to your organisation. Delegates should come to this course with a definite area of study in mind.

NEW – Open data in agriculture and nutrition – coming soon

This course aims to help you understand how open data can improve production and safety at different stages of the food production chain. We will talk about:

  • What makes open data open, and why it is useful;
  • Where open data is already used, both in general and in agriculture, catering and nutrition specifically;
  • How we might solve food production challenges using open data.

Open Data in the Enterprise – coming soon

Practical half-day workshop around solving technical and organisational issues with opening up data sets. Covers security, technical architecture, organisational change.

Open Data Technologies – coming soon

Web technologies for getting the most out of open data.

Finding Stories in Open Data – coming soon

A one-day interactive course that dives deeper into open data. By the end of the course, you will be able to find data, know how to clean it, refine it and analyse it, including some basic visualisation tools, in order to tell a story with it.

Data for Decision Makers – coming soon

Exploring the most effective ways to put important information in front of busy people. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to build simple dashboards, and ways of combining key figures in order to help busy managers make informed decisions.

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