Signpost to Minecraft Discovery Day

Discovering open data with Minecraft

If you’d told me I’d spend six hours at a weekend event dedicated to Minecraft … actually that would sound totally feasible, that’s pretty much exactly the sort of thing I’m likely to be found doing given half a chance. But this one was special because ODI Devon organised it in collaboration with 2.times do, […]

Bar chart in Minecraft Pi

Playing with data

Over the weekend we were at the Plymouth City Council’s brilliant Data Play event, run by the planning team who are responsible for most of the published open data from the council. At the end of the second day, Saturday, I sat down to write a blog post about what we’d done … it turned […]

Data Loop filled in with ideas

Rolling out the Data Loop

We took the Data Loop (a design-with-data tool) for a couple of outings last year, once at Blue Light Camp and once at a team meeting inside Devon County Council, and it continues to show its effectiveness. This time we took it to NotWestminster with the aim of running a workshop specifically around using the Data […]

Open data board game

Community projects in Exeter

Last week we got underway with another Open Data Forum in Exeter, and we were delighted to welcome Martin Parkes from Devon Communities Together to talk about an open data working group they’ve set up. Membership includes local government, academics, action groups, third sector and SMEs, meeting every few weeks to discuss possible joint projects, and […]

Playing with data at the Open Data Forum

Last week we had our first Devon Open Data Forum of the new year, hosted by ThinqTanq in Plymouth. While we’ll be setting up a programme of talks and demonstrations for 2016 this was a more relaxed evening – we wanted to get people together for a chat about what they’re working on, and maybe make […]

Rewiring Local Democracy

Here at ODI Devon there are some things we like a lot. We like data, obviously; we like openness; and we like useful things. So finding out what useful things we can do with open data to support democracy is probably just about our favourite thing ever. This is why we’ll be supporting NotWestminster on the 12th […]

Autumn news round up

Last time we blogged, Lucy was just back from Hacklands – that time has gone by very fast and we’ve been very busy since then with getting our plans organised for the next six months. So, what have we been doing? Back in June, we travelled up to London for a week for the ODI Train […]

Hacklands – the great outdoors, only better …

Of the many myths about technical people , the idea that we all hate the outdoors is maybe the most mistaken. We don’t hate nature, we just think it could be vastly improved by power sockets in every third fence post, and a reliable wifi signal. Hardly seems like much to ask, and luckily the […]

Open Data Forum Plymouth July 2015

Last week we held our first Open Data Forum event in Plymouth, hosted by the excellent ThinqTanq work hub managed by Rob Wicks and Sabrina Simpson. After settling in with coffee and biscuits we got down to the business of the evening – getting to know the Plymouth attendees and finding out about what they’re […]

Not another jobsite …

A couple of weeks ago we took part in the latest NESTA/ODI open data challenge in Manchester, looking into ways of using open data to find people better jobs. The original brief was to “build products and services using open data which help people get better jobs or create new jobs.”. Our submission was based on […]