Discovering Library Data

Over the past few months ODI Devon has supported Libraries Unlimited to develop the open data component of its three year research programme into the impact of libraries. This programme is now under way and sees Exeter University, RiO and a range of other partners working together with Libraries Unlimited to explore the vital role […]

Happy New Data

As we approach the end of 2016 we’ve decided to ask all those working with data (or hoping to work with data) what happened during the year and how they could benefit from better use of data in 2017. If you want to share your thoughts we’ve put a short survey here, from which we’ll be […]

An Open Data Training Centre

We’re developing a world-class open data training centre in the South West. With three ODI Registered trainers we offer more training expertise than any other Node and we’re working to develop specialisms that help individuals and organisations really make the most out of open data. You can read more about our current training offer on […]

Launching Beyond

Following on from our launch conference, Beyond the Smart City, we’ve put together a website dedicated to taking the project forward. We’ll be working on Beyond over the next few months to build new partnerships around a more human, sustainable vision for smart technologies and data. This will lead to a second conference in 2016 […]