Discovering Library Data

Over the past few months ODI Devon has supported Libraries Unlimited to develop the open data component of its three year research programme into the impact of libraries.

This programme is now under way and sees Exeter University, RiO and a range of other partners working together with Libraries Unlimited to explore the vital role of libraries along with opportunities for the future.

One of the project’s first public events takes place in March; there are more details here, but anyone with an interest in libraries and their data is invited to come along, explore the existing data and help find new sources. We’re looking forward to a fun and accessible event, designed to encourage all contributions.

There will be more events as the project progresses but this first public workshop will lay the foundations for getting the most from open data; we hope you can join us.

Featured image: old library catalog by by Andrés Monroy-Hernández. License: CC BYSA 2.0

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