Open Data Forum Plymouth July 2015

Last week we held our first Open Data Forum event in Plymouth, hosted by the excellent ThinqTanq work hub managed by Rob Wicks and Sabrina Simpson. After settling in with coffee and biscuits we got down to the business of the evening – getting to know the Plymouth attendees and finding out about what they’re working on.
As usual for a forum meetup, we had an eclectic mix of backgrounds and roles in the room – developers, analysts, planners, designers and people who just plain like to dig into open data – and rather than a series of speakers we went with a group discussion, hoping to find out what interests this diverse group and what we can do for future sessions. Here’s what got discussed:
So after all that, what should we do next? Here’s our plan …
  • Organise another Meetup in Plymouth soon – we’re working on the schedule of meetings for the next 6 months, and we’ll let you all know as soon as possible;
  • Create a poll on the Meetup group to find out what skills and tools we’d like to know more about, and if anyone would like to offer short training sessions on them.

Keep an eye on the Meetup group for future sessions and the discussion about workshops – don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see covered.

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