Devon Open Data Forum comes to Plymouth

Hot on the heels of our successful Beyond the Smart City conference launch at the Met Office last month we are bringing another event to a different part of Devon. We’ve been running the open data forum for quite a while now, but it has always been based in Exeter and we feel it’s time to spread our wings a bit.

So on Wednesday July 29th we are landing at the ThinqTanq co-working space in Plymouth for the usual evening of informal talks and networking. We will be joined by folks from all parts of the Plymouth scene to discuss open data in local government, commerce and the 3rd sector.

The evening runs from 7pm – 9pm and you can either sign up on our Meetup group, contact us to let us know you are coming, or simply turn up – we’re really excited to be taking the event to a new place!

Directions to ThinqTanq can be found on their contact page:


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