ODI Devon takes the Open Data Challenge

This coming weekend we’re looking forward to joining teams from across Europe for two days of design and development in pursuit of an Open Data Challenge Prize.

All three members of ODI Devon will be assembling in Manchester to refine our Rural Skills Matching app, which builds on existing open data sets to map the skills landscape and provide essential information for both job-seekers and policymakers.

The app aims to redress the balance between urban and rural areas by highlighting the rich and varied skills requirements of businesses across the country. Through this it aims to improve the mobility of labour and capital, providing immediate benefits for jobseekers, employers and policymakers.

On Sunday we’ll have the opportunity to pitch our refined prototype to a panel of judges who’ll decide whether we go through to the last three and be in for a chance of winning the £50,000 prize.

For now, we’re looking for feedback on our initial idea. If you’re dissatisfied with your current job, or looking for work, please fill out this short form and help us create something of genuine use.


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