Beyond The Smart City 2015 Conference 25-27 June

Beyond the Smart City

Exeter, 25-27 June 2015

What is a Smart City? Judging by the diversity of Smart City initiatives there’s no definitive answer; data, sensors, systems all play a role. But how do we look beyond this technological perspective of Smart Cities to a more holistic, sustainable and human ambition?

And how can we use the energy in open data initiatives to develop the wider Smart ecosystem? It’s not just about transferring the lessons and platforms of Smart Cities to rural areas, but also about recognising the latter’s unique importance. From sustainability to Agritech, life beyond urban areas is rich with innovation. We need to open up the dialogue along with the data.

The Event

From the 25th to the 27th of June ODI Devon, alongside the Met Office, is bringing together talks, workshops and, most importantly, people to explore these vital elements. Over these three days Beyond the Smart City will look at three, key topics:


  1. How can open data and smart technologies improve life outside the city?
  2. How do we embed sustainability and equilibrium into Smart City programmes?
  3. How do we open up and humanise Smart City and Smart Rural initiatives?

Design and Ecosystems

Design has a big role to play in improving the urban experience, but good design also needs to engage with the whole ecosystem. Beyond the Smart City will look at how human-centred, systemic design can help to improve life and sustainability inside and outside the city.

We’ll bring together speakers and workshops on open data, big data, platforms and technologies to look at how sustainable living can shape and benefit from smart initiatives.

Get Involved

You can get involved in a number of different ways, for example:

  • suggesting a speaker, talk or workshop idea;
  • providing sponsorship (packages are available from £500, contact us for more details);
  • signing up for Tickets, which are now available; or
  • spreading the word to those you know who might also be interested

In return you’ll benefit by:

  • meeting with a community of people already doing amazing things in this area;
  • hearing about collaboration, funding and market opportunities;
  • getting the latest insights, research and news from this emerging area of practise;
  • getting to showcase your work around Smart Technologies, Agritech or sustainability with the ODI; and
  • understand emerging best practice and show your organisation’s commitment to making the benefits of increased access to data available to all.



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